onsdag 12. desember 2012

Janyssa and her Rock Wall is painted

I haven't done much modeling yet, and I had this idea for a long time of Janyssa's wall bursting from the ground. It seemed like a good starting project. I also love the whelps, and I had a spare blister pack lying around the house. So I went for this - three rune stones bursting from the ground, accompanied with a couple of troll whelps. The base is two Warhammer cavalry bases glued together, the runestones are made of grey stuff, and the flat stones on the ground are the same plaster stones I'm using on all my models. If anything I would have wanted sharper edges on the stones, but I painted in some edge highlights to compensate. I think it worked out pretty well!

Rock Wall template, complete with Whelps singing and drinking

Ever since I first saw it I felt that the Janyssa model had a kind of goofy pose, like she's a Master of Cenermonies or possibly a dancer at a cabaret (or both). So, in keeping with my hat theme on the infantry I decided to give her a stylish top hat. So here she is, rocking it out with her Whelps.

Janyssa will rock you (rock you)

Janyssa, swinging her skirt

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