torsdag 20. desember 2012

Grim Angus list version 2

I decided to listen to some of the tips and hints I got about how to make the Grim Angus list even better. First off, everyone says to bring the Nyss Hunters, because they are awesome. I tried them out, and of course they are. Not only are they really accurate and hard to kill, but the Weapon Master attacks gives the list some much needed punch. They can't take out really high armor targets, but they can put the hurt on anything with armor less than 20 on the charge. So, I switched out the Burrowers, Chronicler and Fell Caller for Nyss Hunters and a Feralgeist. The Fell Caller and Chronicler, while really good, have fewer things to buff in this version of the list, and then I'd rather use the points on troops.

I also switched out the Kriel Warriors for Fennblades. I really want to be able to attack the enemy on my feat turn, and Vengeance and the Officer's minifeat give me a vastly higher threat range than the Kriel Warriors have. If my front line of Fenns gets shot away I can then Vengeance move up 3" and charge with a threat of 13".

Another thing I like with this version is how little support it has (only 4 points). Trolls are pretty support dependent, but Grim can support the units so well himself that I think I can get away without it. At 50 points I might add in more, but at 35 I try to use as little as I can get away with. So it's Janyssa (for keeping Grim alive) and the Feralgeist (for grabbing Control Points).

Playing against Nima's Retribution army, led by Adeptis Rahn.
Note: The Kriels are proxy for the Fennblades.

Army list

Grim Angus (+6)
- Earthborn (10)
Feralgeist (1)
Janissa Stonetide (3)
10 Fennblades + UA (10)
10 Nyss Hunters (10)
6 Scattergunners + UA (7)

I have had three games with this list so far, winning two, and I was in a fairly good position when the store closed during the last game. This list looks like a winner, and will probably be the one I'll play at Norwegian Masters.


I have had some more practice games, winning all of them. Cracking high armor is still an issue, but I do not think I can really fix this without going much lighter in the infantry department - and anyway, I do not want to change the list further, so close to the tournament.

So, the list will stay unchanged.

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