mandag 3. september 2012

DM 2012 - Game 4 - Caine2 vs Stryker2

This is an interesting matchup. Two casters that want to get personal and do the job themselves, with similar very long threat ranges. I envision a lot of jockeying for position and trying to set up the assassination.

If I remember correctly, Lars' other list had Stormwall, which is no fun for Nemo2. So, I pick Caine.

The list: 

Stryker2 (Lars Kriegler)
- Rowdy
- Stormclad
- Squire
10 Stormguard
8 Stormblades + UA


The game:

I moved up, he moved up, I started shooting stuff.

He cleared out most of the Risen and two of the Gun Mages with his Stormblades.

I proceeded to clear the right zone.

On his feat I did manage to have most of my stuff far enough away to avoid getting hit twice. So, it did not do very much damage. He got Eyriss with his Stormclad, though, which is a bad. I really wanted to keep her alive for focus stripping.

I killed his clad and almost all his remaining infantry. At this point I was clearly winning the attrition war. So, my opponent decides to go for it. Unfortunately, he has boxed in Stryker too well, so he doesn't get all that much out of Corbeau.

The result:

But, just how far away is Caine from Stryker? It turns out, a bit too far away.
The game ends when Rowdy pushes Stryker, Stryker tries to charge one of his own models to get near Caine, but ends up 3 inches away after Velocity... One inch off! He waves his sword in the air. I move up a Ranger, shoot him with B13, blind him with Gorman, Harm him, feat, and he dies with 6 focus left on Caine... Hey, it's Overkill, but that's the way Caine rolls! :D

It was a good game, and my opponent was a really fun guy!

It's now 2-2. Am I above average or below average? Soon, we will know.

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