mandag 3. september 2012

DM 2012 - Game 3 - Nemo2 vs Kreoss2

I have not played much against Protectorate, so I was very unsure about what to pick. I felt that I would have problems keeping him away with my shooty list, so I went for melee and hoped my longer threat ranges would work to my advantage. If I remember correctly the other list was Kreoss1, and auto knockdown is no fun against Gun Mages.

It looks like I forgot to take photos in this one... we were using my phone for the timer... :D

The list:

Kreoss2 (Michael Ottesen)
- Fire of Salvation
3x 6 Knights Exemplar
2x 5 Bastions
Exemplar Seneschal

The game:

He went first and ran.
I moved up and shot a few Exemplars.
He moved further up.
I shot some more guys and engaged him, so he could reach now most of my stuff. Not a good move! I also killed his jack with my Ironclad.
He feated and went medieval on my army, killing a lot.
By this time I was rapidly losing the attrition war. But, Kreoss was far forward.
We had one more turn, my Centurion was boxed in. Nemo was engaged in melee with Gravus. But... Kreoss was 7.5 inches away from Nemo, over a wall. Could I do it?

The result:

I used my Gun Mages to push Gravus away and open a line to Kreoss. I Energized for one, walked over the wall taking a free strike, but I missed twice! This left him at about 8 boxes. It was a long shot, but really it was my only option.

Then Nemo got hammered to pieces...

I have to start to remember to not present my entire army to opponents with crazy damage feats! I do this all the time, instead of staggering my formations.

It was a fun game, and my opponent was a friendly and relaxed guy.

I'm down 1-2... but there is always beer. :D

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