mandag 3. september 2012

DM 2012 - Game 2 - Nemo2 vs Kraye

Long jack threat ranges and even longer jack threat ranges. Who will hit first?

The list:

Kraye (Michael Glerup)
- Cyclone
- Stormclad
- Rowdy
- Minuteman
- Squire.
3 Stormlances
Black 13

The game:

This game unfortunately went rather one-sided after my opponent thought too hard, messed up his turns with some bad moves, and had some bad luck as well. So I'll just give the highlights.

Gun mages got Terror, and the Storm lances failed their command check when charging them,  splitting the unit in two and essentially putting them out of the game.

Cyclone got Full Tilt and charged out of his lines into one of my jacks, doing little damage. He told me the plan was to throw my jack away... but that can't be done after a charge.

I proceeded to kill the Cyclone.

He had to move Rowdy up to contest, so I dismantled him too. Also I dismounted Laddermoore. At this point he had lost a lot and I had lost almost nothing. It was really all over.

The result:

The game ended with me moving up to Pulse at Kraye and Black 13, finishing Kraye off with boxcars on a Stormcall. I guess I should have grinded for control points, but well.

Michael was a really friendly guy, and I felt rather bad for him afterwards... I know how annoying it is to overthink and then mess up. I hope we can get a rematch some time!

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