mandag 13. august 2012

Testing the Caine2 list

So, what I usually like to do when testing a list is to just start playing games against veraious lists until I get the hang of it, and then see whether I need to switch something out.

So, now I've played:

  • Skorne (Zaal) - Double cannoneer ranged list. Win on assasination after Rowdy Tremored to open LOS through the Skorne brick and Knockdown Zaal.
  • Khador (Sorcha2) - WGDS / Kayazy list. Win on attrition. Iron Flesh is not so great against Rangers and a horde of RAT 7-9 models. :D
  • Circle (Krueger1) - Three heavies, double Stones, Bloodtrackers, Slaughterhousers. Undecided, Outland closed. :D It was fairly tight, though I think I had a slight disadvantage... Caine2 with lots of low armor is not so good against Krueger1, if it had been a tournament I would have picked the other list.

Things to note:

  • Magic bullet does not work on Eyriss. :D
  • It works wonders with a Sniped Hunter, though... great for removing key support models. :D
  • Placement is pretty hard with so many solos walking around. More practice is needed!
  • Ryan is sooo good with Risen!

I'll keep updating this post with further results.

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