fredag 10. august 2012

Going to Danish Masters 2012

I got one of the open spots in the WARMACHINE/HORDES Danish Masters 2012, and plane tickets are now bought! If anyone else wants to join, check the threads on BattleGroup.DK: There are still some more open spots.

I found really cheap plane tickets with RyanAir. I'm going down and Friday, August 31th and back on Monday.

Also, I need some practice, especially with the Caine2 list, and even more especially against Collossi. Get in touch if you want a game!

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  1. you are not allowed to bring more Cygnar to Denmark, as we have enough already :D

    1. Haha, awesome. :D

      Actually, I'm working on switching to Trollbloods, but there is no way I can paint up two 50 pt. armies and practice in three weeks. I have no Stormwalls, in case that makes you feel better. :D


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