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How to edit iBodger on Android

Unfortunately, War Room does not support correct army list creation, and is also extremely slow and buggy on my phone. With the far superior iBodger tool no longer being developed, I sat down and tried to figure out how to edit the army list in iBodger on Android. You need to have iBodger already installed, or get it from a friend. Theme forces cannot be edited, since they are in code.

Update: Someone made a list of the changes you need to make to the mk2stats.txt file to add the models from Colossals. Wohoo, I can make army lists quickly again!

Editing the iBodger data file

These steps worked for me:
  • Get the Apk Manager for your PC from, and install it.
  • Install ES File Explorer from Google play, select iBodger and back it up.
  • Put your Android device in development mode. On my HTC it is found under:
    Menu -> Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging
    But I would guess this could vary between models.
  • Connect your Android device to your PC and copy \backups\apps\iBodger-4.1.0.apk to \APK_MultiTool\place-apk-here-for-modding
  • Run  \APK_MultiTool\setup.bat and do the setup.
  • Run  \APK_MultiTool\script.bat and choose Decompile APK (option 9).
  • The data file is now in APK_MultiTool\projects\iBodger_4.1.0.apk\res\raw
  • Edit mk2stats.txt to add the new units. I used Notepad++.
  • Uninstall iBodger, because I don't have the original signing key. THIS WILL REMOVE YOUR ARMY LISTS.
  • Go back to script.bat and choose Compile apk / Sign apk / Install apk (option 14)
  • After this, you can just edit the file and compile again, the army lists will not be removed when you do thid.
If everything works alright, iBodger is now updated with the new army list. It worked for me, at least! Any tips on how to do this without uninstalling iBodger or without losing the army lists is appreciated. :D

The iBodger data format

This is my best guess on the data format in mk2stats.txt:

There are two rows per model / unit.

The first row contains the following values in comma separated order:
  1. 2 letter code - Book the model appeared in.
  2. 1 letter code - Faction.
  3. Model name.
  4. Point cost.
    • Warcaster: '+warjack_points(model_count)'
    • Min/max size unit: 'min_points(min_size)/max_points(max_size)'
    • One size unit / single model: 'points'
  5. FA
  6. Base movement speed
  7. 1 letter code - base size 'S/M/L/H'
  8. Some more codes. C = Command stat, F = Focus/Fury stat, T = Threshold stat (thanks Whicken). 
The second row contains the following values:
  1. An unique 2 letter ID for the model on the format ampersand - space - id, '@ id'.
  2. The Battle College page for the model.
  3. a series of 1 letter codes for the factions that can include the model.
  4. a list of special abilities and categories, probably for theme force restrictions, UAs and so on.
[edit: Some more details & more info on the data format]

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  1. Nice guide. Do you have the "encoding" that Whicken used to enter models? It's fairly confusing when just looking at the text file, of course you can deduce a lot of it, but it would still be nice to have a "legend" of some sort I could refer to.

    Contemplating writing a small tool where you can enter the model stats in a user friendly UI and have it output correct iBodger "code".

    1. Hi Sarbæk,

      Thank you. I do not have the encoding. I can update the post with my best guesses, though.

  2. C means the model has a CMD value
    F means the model has a Focus/Fury value
    T means the model has a Threshold value

    Sorry the format's kinda lame.

    Also, if you want to track collections and painting stats, you might want to look into figs.txt

    1. Hi, Wendell!

      Thank you for the explanation. And thank you for iBodger! :D

      I think the format is good enough, I mean, it's an internal data format, so why make it complicated. It's fairly readable and easy to edit by hand.

  3. Hi Christian!
    Did you make gargantuans update for Ibodger already?

    Take care and see you soon


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