mandag 20. august 2018

Guild Ball: Swedish Nationals 2018

I went to Guild Ball Swedish Nationals 2018 at Battle of Lund this weekend for three days of Guild Ball playing. The winner in the main event will be invited to the World Championship, last chance! I got close to a tournament win in Hungary, so victory here could be within reach, with a bit of luck...

There were visitors from England, Spain, Poland, Chech Republic, several Finns and two Norwegians. The other Norwegian is my WTC team mate Kim.

My luggage was lost by the airline, but of course I had all the important stuff (minis and tools) in the hand luggage. I mean, who needs clean socks and deodorant anyway?

The event started with 2 parallel 3-round warm up tournaments on Friday. I thought this was a very good idea, to get into form to the main event without being totally exhausted, and plenty of time to socialize.

I have slightly changed my lineup to try out Veteran Sakana. My favorite Angel had to go, I really enjoy playing her - but Sakana does the first turn receiving goal almost as well.

Tournament reports will be up soon. In the meantime, enjoy this excellent conversion by HP. Green LEDs! :D


Veteran Sakana

Battle at Lund - Friday Tournament

Corsair vs Obulus

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