tirsdag 21. august 2018

Guild Ball (#70): Battle at Lund - Friday Round 1

First game is against HP’s incredible looking Morticians, pictures can’t do it justice. Several of the models have build in green light diodes!

I want Corsair into all these squishy Morticians.



Plots: Back in the Game, Stick to the Plan, Keep Your Chin Up, Kick'em When They are Down, Sell it to the Crowd.


Brainpan & Memory
Veteran Hemlocke

Obulus kicks off into a nice position for me.

Round 1

I screw up by forgetting Obulus’ Shadow Like dodge, so instead of forcing him to move into me to pull someone he gets to pull and then move. Great start!

Round 2

Corsair pulls in and takes out Graves and Obulus takes out Hag. I then promptly forget Vileswarm’s ability on takeout and pop him right inside my scrum, dealing 3 damage poison to pretty much everyone near the end of the turn. 23 damage on my team for taking out the mascot, this is really stellar play! 3-2 to me.

Round 3

Corsair just scrums better than Morticians. Ghast and Hemlocke go down, bringing the score to 7-2.

Round 4

Morticians take out Hag again. I score with Sakana and take out Vileswarm again, killing Tentacles, for a final result of 12-5.

Plenty of screws-up on my part, but good to get rid of the rust before tomorrow...

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