onsdag 28. desember 2016

Battle Report #47: Caine2 vs Baldur2 (match #2)

After I threw the previous game, we reset and played again.

Captain Allister Caine

Captain Allister Caine (Caine2)
Objective: Fuel Cache
* Reinholdt
* Stormwall
Journeyman Warcaster
* Charger
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Rhupert Carvolo
6 Rangers
2x3 Storm Lances

Baldur the Stonesoul

Baldur the Stonesoul (Baldur2)
Objective: Bunker
* Feral Warpwolf
* Megalith
* 2x Pureblood Warpwolf
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
2x Sentry Stone & Mannikins
2x Shifting Stones


Baldur2 wins the roll, I grab the side with the wall.

Turn 1

Baldur moves up and bricks up.

I move up and shoot away some Mannikins. The Stormwall puts some shots into the Feral.

Turn 2

The brick moves further up. Baldur2 feats. Two Storm Lances get shot away by Pureblood sprays. A Mannikin manages to get the GMCA.

Balder2 has placed himself in the wrong spot, and just removing a single Stone will be enough for Caine2 to get himself and the Stormwall to fire on him. We shake hands.

Cygnar wins by assassination!  

Then we minifeat Baldur2 back into safety, and continue the game.

The Stormwall moves up and splats Megalith. In hindsight, a terrible move. I should have stayed back, shot something, and kept getting points.

Left side Lances move far away to pull Wrong Eye and Snapjaw away from the fight.

I clear away all the things that could contest next turn and grab a point.


Turn 3

A Feral, two Purebloods and a Stormwall walk into a bar...


I have lost the attrition game, but try to jam as well as I can.


Turn 4

My jam is cleared and an ARM 21 Feral toes into the zone. Baldur is camping 4.

It will be impossible to kill the Feral and then live to clear the Pureblood next turn, so my only option is to go for the kill. It is not enough, and Baldur lives.

Circle wins by attrition!

Post Mortem

A clear misplay to give him the Stormwall! I should have kept back, kept scoring, and tried to force him into bad trades.

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