mandag 22. august 2016

Painting Harlan Versh

One of my favorite WARMACHINE models, Harlan Versh is a mercenary with that classic witch hunter look and a great pose.

The trenchcoat is the most important piece of this model, and I really wanted to give it that right sandy color. The base is a 50/50 mix of ochre and leather. I used this base to do all the shades and highlights. 

Back view

First, I mixed the base with dark brown and painted in hard shadows where different pieces of the trenchcoat met. I also added some of this shade in the recesses on the part that covers the shoulders to make it pop a bit more.

Then, I use base with more leather mixed in to do the shading, and the base with more ochre to do the highlights. Finally, I used ochre with just a small touch of leather to do some extra highlights on the top of the coat, around the brim of the hat, and a few other places.

Front view
I decided to use the contrasting colors green and red on the pants and shirt, repeating the colors on the hat and book. The shirt is bone, mixed in with white for the highlights. I kept the inside of the coat pure black for extra contrast. The gloves are black with dark brown highlights.

Harlan Versh, ready to execute any enemies that have the temerity to use extra magical protection!

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