søndag 28. august 2016

Painting the crazy bit box models!

There were more bits in the bit box, so we put together some more models.

I am not quite sure what these monstrosities are, but they seem to be both many-armed and well-armed, with as many weapons as we could fit.

More crazy models! 

Painting time!

The kids were really looking forward to painting their self-designed miniatures. I gave them a layer of black spray primer, and then they started painting.

The models get a layer of paint.
After completing the paint job they are ready to go out and "play miniatures". Pretty funny to hear them refer to the WARMACHINE models when they are out playing. I'm pretty sure my son was declaring he was trying to debuff his friend with a Parasite spell just now... :D

Edit: He was not done painting.

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