søndag 3. desember 2017

Boardgaming Birthday Weekend V

For my last five birthdays I have invited friends (and their kids) over for a boardgaming weekend.


Pile of games ready!

Our first visitor is one of my son's friends, playing 4-in-a-row. :D

My friend and former colleague from Funcom, Arnleif, brought a quick & fun game called Kingdomino. It really does only take 15 minutes to play!

Then, we tried the Orient expansion to Splendor. Pretty good! I grabbed a 17 point win by suddenly grabbing a 4-point card and a noble.

Another Splendor expansion undergoing trials.

I did not get to try this weird-looking Container shipping game. :D

My son was teaching another friend how to play X-Wing. They had a great time! :D

We got a few of Dominion games as well. This game is one of the best and most varied strategy games ever made. I have been playing it for 10 years, and never tire of it.


Sunday morning I got a Guild Ball game in! This one has a full match report, of course!

Got to show Dominion to my cousin Anders as well. First he was pretty confused, and at the end he wanted more games!

Good times! :D

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