torsdag 9. februar 2017

Battle Report #68: Nemo3 vs Una2 (Team Tournament #2)

After the fight against Karchev we move on to the second round in the team tournament, facing a trio of Norwegian farmers from Samvirkelaget. This time I get a really good matchup. I face Una2 (this is of course before the Una2 nerf). Nemo3 has the volume of lightning to zap all the birds to death!

Artificer General Nemo (75 points)

Nima and Kuba on the other tables

Artificer General Nemo & Storm Chaser Finch (Nemo3)
* Reinholdt
* Dynamo
* Firefly
* Thorn
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Major Katherine Laddermore
5+3 Storm Lances

Lars Erik is breeding chickens

Una the Skyhunter (75 points)

Una the Skyhunter (Una2)
* Druid Wilder
* 5x Scarsfell Griffon
* Pureblood Warpwolf
* Feral Warpwolf
* Woldwyrd
2x Sentry Stone & Mannikins
2x Shifting Stones


Birds win the die roll and fly up. Ka-ka!

I spread out to threaten both zones, planning to start capping as soon as possible and put on the pressure.

I make a major mistake by a) not measuring the right side Woldwyrd's movement, and b) casting Lightning Shroud on Thorn.

Turn 2

Brick of chickens with wind wall go into the left zone, leaving not much in the right zone. The Woldwyrd is barely within shooting range of the buffed Thorn and three Purgation shots later, Thorn is a wreck.

I kill the left sentry stone and spread out as much as I can in that zone to make it harder to clear.

On the right flank, I kill the few contesting models.


Turn 3

Birds to the bird thing and jam the right zone. One Lance remains in the right zone, good job!

Nemo feats and I start zapping and leaping. Every bird except one goes down! I fail to clear the zone so no-one scores, but I am crazy up on attrition now.

Turn 4

I have not measured out Una2's shooting threat range, though. I know that he can get a Pureblood spray and a Mannikin spray unto Nemo3, but turns out that with Snipe Una2 gets pretty far. After hitting me with sprays, Una2 lands enough shots on Nemo to kill the old man!

Circle wins by assassination!

Post Mortem

Well played by my opponent Lars Erik there! Una has a hard time against Nemo, but he found an angle and killed Nemo off.

I should have played Nemo a bit further back so that he could not get hit by quite as much. Possibly casting 2 Chain Lightnings was a bit much. Camping 3 more would have helped a lot, but of course that would have increased the risk that 2 birds would have lived to flank Nemo.

Again, my team-mates carry the day and win both their matches. We can still win this!

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