mandag 19. november 2012

WARMACHINE and HORDES gaming in Oslo

This is Outland Kirkegata, the place we usually meet up to play in Oslo. Outland is just great. Not only do they have gaming tables, they also have coffee, a good selection of minis and accessories, and they can also order stuff for you. They have space for 6 or so WARMACHINE tables. Currently, there is regular play on all Wednesdays (from about 17:00) and Sundays (from 12:00), and there is almost always someone there. Unless there is a tournament going on...

The top picture is from a Wednesday during the Journeyman League. As you can see, the place was filled up.

The bottom picture is from a practice game with my Trolls against Thomas' Legion army for the Rookie Mistake V tournament. I'm playing Borka, the most drunk Warlock in the game. I like his playstyle, he's wicked hard to kill, and it's always a blast to start the first turn with running your Warlock straight at the opponent, with the rest of the army following behind. :D

There is also regular WARMACHINE gaming at Oslo Miniatyrspillklubb (OMSK) on Fridays (from about 17:00) at Grønlandsleiret.

By the way, if you'd like to try your hand at the game, we have an active WARMACHINE forum at 2D6. I write there under the nick 'Pjolterbeist'. There are currently three official representatives (Press Gangers) for Privateer Press living in the Oslo area, who'll be more than happy to run demo games.

There is an active tournament scene in Norway. Next year (19-20th of January, 2013) will be the Norwegian Masters. In addition, there are tournaments at ARCON each summer, a series of 16-man tournaments called Rookie Mistake, some more tournaments and special events at irregular intervals, and a yearly Journeyman League for new (and old) players. I would guess there are about ten WARMACHINE tournaments and events in Oslo each year.

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