tirsdag 25. april 2017

Tournament: Internal Affairs X Doubles

Last Saturday we had a doubles tournament at the 2D6 club! Nima and I were playing together as team "My Little Persian" (he's Persian). We hadn't really prepared. The lists were put together the day before. We went for a simple to play armor skew list with Stryker1 and Helynna. (2 Arcane Shields, the +2 ARM aura, Deceleration and two ARM feats). Theoretically we can skew +15 ARM by popping everything but of course it makes much more sense to spread it over two turns.

Brothers in Cheese! 

Doubles is all about breaking the game, drinking beer, and laughing at the ensuing madness! Here are our two lists:

Commander Coleman Stryker (35 points)

Commander Coleman Stryker (Stryker1)
* Stormclad
* Stormwall
Junior Warcaster
* Firefly
Captain Arlan Strangewayes

Magister Helynna (35 points)

Little did we know he traitorous nature of our unpainted Lys Healer (see game #2)!

Magister Helynna (Helynna1)
* Helios
* Discordia
3x Arcanist Mechanik
Lys Healer

2017 CID

This game was using the current 2017 CID (Community Integrated Development) scenario rules with the current "PP IZ NEW GW" proxy rules (to summarize the online hyperbole). For everyone not living in a bomb shelter, this is the rule that you can only have one marker at a time on the table.

Everyone was having a great time calling judge Jarle and interrupting his games whenever two markers were left on the table. Fun was also had pointing out the illegality of putting two rulers down on the table to mark your deployment zone.

Personally I was optimistic about the rule change. I don't think it affected anything in the games we played, and I must say I do prefer having the model positions being the actual model positions, and not having to place or look at a sea of proxies.

The Games

Round 1: Stryker1 / Helynna vs Haley2 / Reznik2
Round 2: Stryker1 / Helynna vs

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